Monday, May 10, 2010

what i would tell the girl i was five years ago:

everyones a letdown. I would tell her people fucking suck and most of them aren’t worth her time. I’d tell her not to let people use her, she’s worth more than that. I would tell her starving herself isn’t a way to gain control, and it wasn’t worth those few pounds. I would tell her to stop chasing the wrong people, i’d let her know that you can’t make people love you. I’d tell her that sometimes it’s rough but this is realife. I would tell her music is what saves you, and once you lose you faith in music and love the end is near. I would tell her to take the risk and go for it. I would tell her to raise her chin and speak her mind. I would tell her to get a sense of style. I would tell her the in the end it will all be okay, regardless if it’s true or not everyone deserves to hear that. I’d tell her that there is beauty in everything.I’d tell her to appreciate everyone in her life because their all their to teach you something. I would tell her that there is always someone by her side even if you can’t see it. I would tell her to live it up.

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