Tuesday, July 12, 2011


last night i saw the last installment of the harry potter series. now anyone who knows me, knows that harry potter is my life. i love it, all of it, i'm not one just for the books, or just for the movies. so for me, having grown up over the past decade with the books and movies - usually released around my birthday, last night was super exciting and emotional. i spent all of saturday morning moaning to Ella about how my childhood was ending - sad i know - and looking up photos of everyone from the UK premier. so last night i walked into the cinema at George St and found my 3D glasses in the shape of harry's glasses, and settled into my seat ready to embrace the next two hours of this epic final chapter. and let me tell you i walked out, red eyed and snotty nosed (not just because i'm sick as a dog) of that cinema with a grin ear to ear. thats all i'm going to say until thursday when its released for the public. lips sealed, but definitely a must see!

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